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Active Parenting

Be An Active Parent! Parenting is a skill that can be developed and enhanced. A positive, nurturing relationship with your children will carry through their lives and on to their children.


Does This Sound Familiar?

Goals & Objectives

  1. Develop an understanding of the active style of parenting.
  2. Understand the use of choices in parenting.
  3. Understand the relationship between thinking, feeling, and doing.
  4. Understand the relationship between self-esteem, courage, and positive and negative behaviour.
  5. Identify ways parents can either encourage or discourage their children.
  6. Recognize how parents influence their children and vice versa.
  7. Identify how parents somtimes "pay off" misbehaviour.
  8. Define responsibility and the role of choice and consequence in developing responsibility.
  9. Present a model for handling problems in a family.
  10. Understand and be able to apply natural and logical consequences.
  11. Understand the importance of mutual respect in dealing with children.
  12. Develop active communication skills.

Find Out How To Really Talk To Your Kids

Active Parenting LogoIn 8, fast-moving sessions, you'll learn communication skills that you can use for the rest of your life - and more importantly, teach to your children.

You will discover how to eliminate power struggles with discipline skills that really work, such as the "method of choice." You will also learn how to develop your children's pride and inner strength, to teach them a true sense of responsibility, and other important skills.

Separate the deed from the doer.

Responsibility = Choice & Consequences.

The road to cooperation is communication.

Be an "askable" parent.

Democracy doesn't mean you always get your way; it means you always get your say.

Program Formats


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