John Howard Society of Durham Region
Mission: To reduce the impact of crime and its causes by providing a spectrum of effective prevention and intervention programs.
Main office: 905-579-8482, 75 Richmond Street West, Oshawa, Ontario, L1G 1E3

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What To Do If You Find A Syringe:

Apr 25, 2006

Call the John Howard Society or Durham Region Health Department to collect it. If it must be moved immediately, follow these steps:

(1) Don't touch it -- kids should find an adult and adults should find proper tools before removing it;

(2) Using tongs, heavy rubber gloves, or a bare hand if absolutely necessary, pick up the syringe from the barrel end -- never try to re-cap it if the cap has fallen off;

(3) Place the syringe inside something that won't be penetrated by the needle -- ideally a pop can or heavy plastic container like the type that bleach and fabric softener come in;

(4) Bring the container to a John Howard Society office or the Durham Region Health Department;

(5) If you choose to put it out for garbage, separate the container from the rest of the curb-side garbage and clearly label it with black marker as "sharp waste" or "syringes."